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The roulette wheel has emerged as the most notable image for casino betting in America. It is the 3rd most popular game in modern day casinos, right after slots and video poker. Its slower pace tends to attract a more subdued, "civilized" crowd as compared to other gambling den games, and although discovering to play roulette is a simple task, deriving a good strategy for succeeding is not quite as simple. In roulette, the house has a 5.3 % edge over the gambler, but there are still ways to optimize your potential. Here are five roulette tips that should help you increase your earnings.

1. No systems: Don’t ever follow any one’s "system" for roulette. Over the years, many have attempted to develop a highly effective procedure to win at roulette. Despite the many attempts, some of which are based in advanced math, no program has ever been confirmed effective. In the case of roulette, your "system" should be the lack of a "technique."

2. Europe or the world wide web: your best chance at succeeding at roulette is in European gambling establishments. American casinos have an extra spot double zero, and this makes the chances of winning in this game lower. The casino advantage in American betting houses is 5.3 % as compared to two point six three percent in European betting houses. Curiously, internet roulette wheels use the European wheel, so you are better off wagering online than in an American betting house. Occasionally, you’ll be able to locate a gambling establishment in Las Vegas with a single-zero wheel, except this is very rare.

3. No more biases: Do not spend your time trying to find the elusive "biased" roulette wheel. Many years ago, before modern calibration engineering existed, it was possible to find biased wheels that changed the probability of the casino game. Presently, gambling establishments regularly and extremely carefully inspect wheels to guarantee no wheel biases exist. Unfortunately, the biased wheel is outdated.

4. Surrender rules: Find a table that offers "surrender" rules. This refers to allowing outside wagers that only pay even money. Betting black/red, high/low, or odd/even are examples of this. Another instance is only losing half of your cash when the ball lands in zero or double-zero. These surrender rules cut the casino advantage down to two point six three %, although the winning amounts are two times lower.

5. Prison rule: Try to find a roulette rule referred to as "en prison." As the name indicates, this rule is typically only found in Europe. It refers to the scenario when the ball stops on zero and losses are temporarily held "in prison" as opposed to being taken away. Its fate is then decided on the following spin. This rule decreases the casino advantage on even-money outside wagers to 1.35 %.